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Brand Press Release Format[1]

On {date of brand launch,} at the {location of brand launch} {name of the company launching the product} is planning to launch their {name of the product that is to be launched} at the {specific details regarding the location and event where the product is going to be launched. Further details regarding the preliminary details regarding the product as well as the situations which brought forth the launch.}{Name of the company launching the product} is launching {name of the product that is to be launched} because the company feels that {reasons for launching the product} and has the scope of becoming {qualities that makes the product worthy of launching and creating success for the brand in question}

The launch of the brand will be held at {location of the product launch} and will premier {name of the product that is to be launched} The event would hold opportunities {attractions that makes the product launch special and heightens the brand value of the product} The audience will also have the chance to avail {added attractions that are part of the product launch}

In the words of {name and designation of a close member of the brand and a comment as released by him/her to the media regarding the product} According to {name and comment of another close member to the product launch as released to the media} The claim by the company was further supported by {name of another close member of the brand and product} who said that {comment released by that person regarding the product in front of the media}

The price of {name of the product and its price} and would be available at {places where the product would be available} {name of the product that is to be launched} will make the perfect {qualities that make the product perfect for buying, gifting, consumption or selling} {name of the product that is to be launched} is a product {qualities that makes the product classy and worthy of selling} {name of the company} itself is a brand which is {qualities which makes the company a noteworthy company and worthy of brand value} The campaign is slated to be released {the tentative date of the release of the product } The release is slated to be done on a {the availability of the product and how much the masses can take advantage of that situation } The {name of the product to be launched} is created by {name of the creator of the product and the qualities that make his product so special.} The qualities of the product include {further details regarding the product that makes it special and so attractive to the masses}

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