15 Best Press Release Examples by Type (& Why They Work)

A press release is a written statement companies issue to entice the media to cover a company story. There are many different kinds of press releases, including those that promote a charity, announce a product launch or a new hire, and those that introduce a merger or acquisition. Though each type has its own requirements for effectiveness, the best ones consider all audiences who may be interested, objectively showcase the newsworthy angle, and offer journalists a plethora of resources to develop their angles.

For your inspiration and learning experience, here are 15 examples of press releases:

Crisis Communications Press Release Examples

1. Target

Target’s crisis press release does a great job of describing the story’s value for journalists and offering them an easy process for covering it. In writing the press release[1], Target begins by clearly outlining the story within the first couple of sentences, stating “the retailer today announced new safety measures to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.” It then goes on to clearly lay out their crisis response plan. As it does, the retailer considers all stakeholders who may be impacted—including employees and customers.

Once the response plan is clearly defined in the introductory graph, the rest of the release offers lots of information journalists can use to round out their stories, including a quote from the executive vice president and chief operating officer of Target and a breakdown of each of the plan’s components with more information about each. A media contact ensures that journalists can reach out with any questions they need to have answered to cover the story.

2. Zoom

Zoom’s acquisition press release is part of an ongoing response plan to rising security concerns around the Zoom software. As such, the elements of the release[2] were strategically crafted as part of an ongoing crisis communications plan. Zoom does a great job of bringing new stakeholders up to speed, showing its commitment to improving the security of its software, and providing ways readers can continue to receive updates.

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